Latest Release : 13

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Issues Fixed

Issues fixed in this release:

Date Issue ID Description
2019-04-26 1132 Diagnostics now have an Importance setting. By default all Diagnostics are of “Medium” and users with Manage Diagnostics permission may set a Diagnostic to High / Medium or Low importance.
1175 Diagnostic 73 checks Data Dictionary Coded Values against default values in Fields. Diagnostic 73 is case sensitive so a default value of “One” will not match against a coded value of “ONE” in the Data Dictionary. Rave is case-insensitive. A new setting was added to Diagnostic 73 to make the comparison case-insensitive to match Rave.
1177 PDF and Excel Diagnostic result download buttons are now shown on the Diagnostic results page.
1178 The Draft Home Page Diagnostics card shows latest result count or if no Diagnostics have yet been run, a link to run Diagnostics. The text of the “Run Diagnostics” button was changed to “Run / View History” when there has been at least one Diagnostic run. This should make navigation clearer.
1179 If you navigate from the Draft Run Diagnostics page to the Manage Diagnostics page a navigation button now appears on the Manage Diagnostics page to take you back to that Draft Run page. Previously the navigation to get back was not clear and you would have to use the browser back button.